What our customers say

"The best thing about this maternity course was to get all this information about this subject as I didn’t know enough of it beforehand. It’s very important to examine the separation of your abdominal muscles so that the recovery will proceed well. To me, the most important things were the exercises and the substantial advice. I could apply them to my own exercises at home. I believe that the information and exercises I learned during this course affected my rehabilitation in a very positive way."

- Hilla, a blogger and a runner

"As a yoga teacher, my core is strong. It’s been 13 years since my last birth, yet I still suffer from some abdomen separation. I’ve long suspected my beloved planks were not helping. I appreciate the content of this course, as well as the emphasis on activation as well as relaxation. It’s amazing how these simple exercises are so powerful in rehabilitating a mother’s body."

- Jennifer Lance, Eco Child's Play

"Once you sign up for the course, you’ll gain access to the online platform with all the videos at your fingertips. Every weekday of the five-week course, you’ll get an email reminder that the next video is ready for you (but don’t worry if you miss a day or want to redo a day, as the videos are all waiting for you.) You can also mark each video as complete in your account, so that you know exactly where you left off. Each video is only 10-15 minutes of your day – Nordic Fit Mama understands that new moms are understandably pressed for time, tired, and can only give so much every day and this course is intended to help you, energize you, heal your abdominal muscles and respect your time as a new mama."

- Tenille LaFontaine, Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous -blog