Finland - world's best maternity care

Nordic Fit Mama wellness comes from Finland, a nordic country ranked as world's best country for mothers and with worlds maternity care, education and social security.

Finland – the country where everybody is taken care of.

(Once upon a time, far away in the North, there was a very poor country called Finland. Its people struggled to survive in the cold and harsh environment. They worked very hard, turning the stony land into fields, often losing their crop due to frost. They endured oppression, wars, hunger and despair but there was one thing they never forgot: the importance of taking care of the weakest.)

 In the 30´s, when the world was experiencing a global recession and this little Nordic country could barely feed its inhabitants, the Finns came up with a revolutionary idea. What if every new baby was greeted with a free gift? With the determination that had helped the country through many hardships, the Finns collected enough resources to fill cardboard boxes with stuff a baby needs in the first vulnerable months of her life and distributed the boxes to every single new born in the country.  Wow, right?

 This is how the Baby Box, the much admired and widely copied social innovation was born.

 Today Finnish children enjoy the best medical care and education in the world – for free. Their mothers do not have to pack lunches to the children either because healthy hot meals are served in the school cafeterias for all the kids – for free, of course. And during the long summer holiday (because kids need a lot of free time) the children of all ages are provided with free lunches at playgrounds because kids need to eat in summer, too. 

 The country is so safe kids do not need to be escorted to schools. They are encouraged to play outdoors as much as possible because in this Nordic country fresh air is known to be vital for good health. And there is plenty of it, available for everybody. Small babies even take their naps outdoors, dressed in their cute quilted overalls and wrapped in warm sleeping bags– provided by the Baby Box, of course.

 Finland is a good place for a child to be born and grow in but what makes it super special is its pristine nature. One could perhaps say that Finns have a thing with forests and lakes. For generations they have known that nature has a healing power and that even a short walk in the quiet woods or a swim in a lake is often enough to erase worries and sorrows from your mind.

 Nordic Fit Mama has its roots firmly in the Finnish soil. We celebrate both our heritage and the wilderness around us. Nordic Fit Mama was developed to help the mothers and their babies to live as happy and healthy lives as ever possible. All our services incorporate the Finnish values, of which taking care of the littlest ones is definitively the most valuable one.

 So, here’s to you, Mama! Join our tribe of Nordic Mothers. Being a mom is the most wonderful and rewarding but also the most demanding task there is.  Nordic Fit Mama is based on the wisdom of generations of Nordic mothers. Add to this the latest medical research and knowledge and you get a concept like no other.